Christian K. KarlI am assistant professor at the University of Duisburg-Essen/ Germany with nearly one decade experience in academic teaching and research (at national and international institutions). I earned an engineering degree in Materials Science & Structural Analysis and a further engineering degree in Construction Management & Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management (both Diplom-Ingenieur). My Ph.D topic was "Simulation and gaming in construction business" which was honored with the "German Simulation And Gaming Award".

Over the years I gained construction industry experience as a quantity surveyor, software developer, construction manager & forensic planner in a variety of projects in construction, infrastructure, oil & gas and energy projects.

During my work I realized that many problems in projects can be traced back to a lack in communication, collaboration and distribution of important information. The key causes of these problems are based both on a personal and a technical level. My aim is to bridge this gap and to improve the processes in today's architecture, engineering, construction, facility operation and management industry.



Over the years I acquired extensive knowledge in diverse fields of civil engineering and related areas. Partly due to my professional activities in the construction industry, I was able to extend my expertise from both client’s as well as the contractor's perspective at an international level. Recently, my main field of research is developing and applying innovative technologies and methods to improve the performance in project related industries.

My unique research focuses on the design of synergistic modeling approaches as a basis to increase the understanding of complex systems and to improve both the capacity to act and the ability to make the right decisions at the right point of time. As a result, I developed process-related simulation models to investigate interdependencies inside and between projects, companies and markets. Due to my interdisciplinary interest I consider and integrate further scientific areas within my work like business management, economics, information technology, social sciences, pedagogy and psychology.

The practical application of the developed methods was proved through various consulting activities and was awarded several times, like the "Award for innovations in university teaching practice" or the "German Simulation And Gaming Award". My expertise is known in various fields, such as construction, health care, police/ security forces and toursim. Further evidence for the success of my comprehensive work provides my nomination as an expert of the Disaster Management Research Group at the University of Duisburg-Essen/ Germany in which I serve as a specialist for modeling and simulation. Further, I developed both reserach agendas and study programs in civil engineering (BA- and MA-Level). Based on my occupationally background, I am the initiator of a comprehensive BIM-course at the University of Duisburg-Essen. To ensure the internationally connectivity and compatibility of my work, I cooperate with both national as well as international institutions. Due to my internationally recognized expertise, I was elected to serve as a board member within the Association for Business Gaming and Experiential Learning (ABSEL), which is one of the most known and respected associations in this area. Based on this vital network I am always able to integrate further experts into my projects, if necessary.

In addition to my research I conduct workshops for different audiences and I regularly speak at universities, companies, agencies and conferences on topics like information management, modeling & simulation, business gaming, competency research and many more.

If you are interested in a lecture, workshop or seminar contact me

My Areas of Expertise are:
Simulation, Building Information Modeling, Educational (Business) Gaming, System Dynamics, Information Technology, Business Administration & Management, Project Management, Disaster Management/ Resilience, Competency Research, E-Learning, Contract Law in Construction & Public Procurement Law, Real Estate Management, Investment and Financing, Industrial Construction/ Prefabrication


My goal is to create and maintain values for my clients. Due to the fact, that no problem is like another, I unite a variety of technical and methodological competencies to develop solutions, that are aligned to a unique direct practical benefit.

Examples of projects

  • Development of a Building Information Model (BIM) for a converter plattform (wind energy sector)
  • Preparation of claim documentation for an international energy project
  • Development and continuation of an as-built schedule for an international infrastructure project incl. identification of disturbance reasons
  • Development and implementation of a method for detecting the consciousness of sustainability for a building authority in Germany
  • Research project for the use of BIM in the public works department (development of the research plan, research of available material for BIM approach, partly empirical comparison of the BIM process with current practice in Germany, quality assurance of the research report)
  • Research project for the extention of environmental product declarations (coordination and content processing)
  • Development of a quality manual for a healthcare company
  • Development of a formal claims management framework for a German construction company
  • Analysis and optimization of workflows in a German company for damage restoration
  • Development of an HR management system for a construction company in Germany
  • Development of a Building Information Model (BIM) for simulation and visualization of construction processes within a civil engineering project for a German company
  • Development of a remediation plan for the drainage system of a road bridge
  • Work process optimization for a building authority in Greece
  • Development of a method for assessing the quality of schedules
  • Analysis and optimization of business processes within a German civil engineering company
  • Approach to the implementation of a safety management system in a German company
  • Design and implementation of an online recruitment center for an international engineering company
  • Design and implementation of multilingual web presences in different areas (engineering, healthcare, tourism)

If you are interested in my consulting activities contact me.


The preservation and extension of competitiveness requires an enhancement of processes in both, projects and company. In addition to technical and organizational issues there is a strong need for a permanent increase in competence for staff and management. This includes a compelling need for updated knowledge, improved skills and the acquisition of additional abilities based on current trends.

To improve the processes in today's architecture, engineering, construction, facility operation and management industry I offer workshops and trainings for different audiences. Starting with individual training (single or weekend seminars) to complete series of seminars for staff development programs in companies.

Especially due to the technical background, I am a valued partner for engineering companies, public and private clients, government agencies, educational institutions as well as non-profit organization. My particular strength is experience-based learning. In addition to the improvement of expert knowledge the participants enhance their personal competencies through individual and/ or group activities. Depending on the workshop there are additional long-term benefits such as an improved understanding of processes, increased motivation, enhanced communication (on personal and/ or structural level), openness to the needs of others, understanding of the necessity to modify structures and/ or processes (change management), and much more.

You can book me for both general topics like creativity techniques, communication, rhetoric, employee and customer surveys, self-management, project management and staff motivation as well as for specific topics like Building Information Modeling, simulation development, industry-related simulation & game design and much more. Beside that, I am able to develop individual solutions which adress specific demands of your team or company.

Examples of conducted workshops, seminars and similar activities

  • Workshop on the implementation of Simulation & Gaming for Police Training and Public Administration at a Federal University in Germany
  • Workshop on the implementation of competency-based simulation and role-playing games at a German university
  • Development of a human ressource development program for a health care company in Germany
  • Workshop on the implementation of competency-based exams at a German university
  • Seminar on the implementation of competency-based courses for engineers at a German university
  • Training in a health care company
  • Development of a human resource development program for a construction company in Greece
  • Advising professors in the implementation of competency-based courses at a German university
  • Workshop for a company in the tourism sector
  • Coaching a study program accreditation at a German university
  • Development and implementation of a staff development program for a building authority in Greece

If you are interested in my workshops and seminars contact me.


The results of my research and the knowledge gained with collegues or clients are available in various scientific publications in which I am involved both as author and co-author.


  • Karl, Christian K. (2014) Simulation and gaming in construction business - Design of a module-oriented modeling approach based on system dynamics and its prototypical implementation in research and education [read online]


Peer-Refereed Archival Publications

2016 (4)

  • Currently in preparation (workingt title): "BIM and project management" (accepted for publication in 2016)
  • Karl, Christian K. (2016) Designing Educational Games for Project Management using the MyPMgame Canvas, Developments in Business Simulation & Experiential Learning, Volume 43, 192 - 206 [read online], [download the myPMgame Canvas© from]
  • Karl, Christian K. (2016) Bauen in Vietnam: Gute Chancen für deutsches Know-how (published in German: Construction in Vietnam: Good opportunities for German know-how), UnternehmerBrief Bauwirtschaft, (3), 3-8
  • Karl, Christian K. (2016) Investigating the winner's curse based on decision making in an auction environment, Simulation & Gaming, 1-22 (DOI: 10.1177/1046878116633971) [read online]

2015 (4)

  • Karl, Christian K.; Musialek, Agnes; Malwitz, Alexander (2015) Competency Profile BIM-Manager - What must he do? (published in German: Kompetenzprofil BIM-Manager - Was muss er leisten?), UnternehmerBrief Bauwirtschaft, (11), 20-23
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2014 (4)

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2013 (3)

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2012 (1)

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2011 (2)

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2010 (1)

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2017 (1)

  • Malkwitz, Alexander; Helmus, Manfred; Karl, Christian K.; Meins-Becker, Annica, Thiel, Matthias (2016) Construction Management in Steel Construction (published in German: Baubetrieb im Stahlbau, accepted for publication/ in preparation), 1. Ed., Beuth, 350 pages, ISBN 978-3410235873

2016 (1)

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2011 (1)

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2008 (1)

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Book Chapters

2015 (1)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2015) Encouragement of motivation and personal development (published in German: Förderung von Motivation und Persönlichkeitsentwicklung), in das ZfH (Ed.): Neu gedacht und neu gemacht - Lehrideen aus der Universität Duisburg-Essen, 106-111

2014 (1)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2014) Developing market analysis models based on decision making in business games, in Kriz, Willy C. (Ed.), The Shift From Teaching to Learning: Individual, Collective and Organizational Learning through Gaming Simulation, 275-286

2012 (1)

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2011 (1)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2011) Competency-oriented simulation games - A new approach for the design of simulation games in education and training (published in German: Kompetenzorientierte Planspiele – Ein neuer Ansatz zur Konzeption von Planspielen in der Aus- und Weiterbildung), in Kriz, Willy (Ed.), Planspiele in der Personalentwicklung, 23 - 58

2010 (1)

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2002 (1)

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Archival Journal Publications

2010 (1)

  • Malkwitz, Alexander; Karl, Christian K.; Jaron, Ramona (2010) The amendment of the VOB/A and its impact on SMEs (published in German: Die Novellierung der VOB/A und ihre Auswirkungen auf den Mittelstand), NZBau - Neue Zeitschrift für Baurecht und Vergaberecht, 6 (6), 7-7

2009 (4)

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2008 (1)

  • Malkwitz, Alexander; Karl, Christian K.; Bertling, Thomas (2008) Market opportunity India (published in German: Marktchance Indien), Baumarkt und Bauwirtschaft, 9 (9), 42-46


Invited Talks, Presentations at Conferences, Workshops, Seminars and Symposia

  • Recent presentations on

2015 (2)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2015)  Simulation and Gaming in Construction Business - Design of a module-oriented modeling approach based on system dynamics and its prototypical implementation in research and education., German Simulation And Gaming Award 2015, Special prize category PhDs, (Presented in German with the title: Simulation und Planspiel in der Bauindustrie - Konzeption eines bausteinorientierten systemdynamischen Simulationsansatzes und prototypische Umsetzung in Forschung und Lehre), Presentation at the European Simulation & Gaming Forum 2015 in Stuttgart/ Germany
  • Karl, Christian K. (2015)  Open Chameleon - An open source online business game for the promotion of global networking, (Presented in German with the title: Open Chameleon - Ein open source Online-Planspiel zur Förderung der globalen Vernetzung), Presentation at the European Simulation & Gaming Forum 2015 in Stuttgart/ Germany

2014 (5)

  • Filetti, Daniela; Karl, Christian K. (2014) UNIAKTIV - Center for Community Learning and Social Responsibility, Service Learning at Universities and approaches for engineering sciences (Presented in German: UNIAKTIV – Zentrum für gesellschaftliches Lernen und soziale Verantwortung, Service Learning an Hochschulen und Ansätze für die Ingenieurwissenschaften), key note, conference with workshops: Innovative teaching in the initial phase of study, Association of German Engineers, Düsseldorf
  • Karl, Christian K. (2014) UDE-Teaching-Panel (Panel-Interview in German) Commitment in teaching - Conference to honor UNIAKTIV as "Place of Progress", awarded by the Minister of Science (NRW) Svenja Schulze, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • Karl, Christian K. (2014) Developing market analysis models based on business games, Presentation at the 45th ISAGA Conference in Dornbirn/ Austria
  • Karl, Christian K. (2014) Framework for the design of Competency‐Oriented Business Simulations (COBS), Poster-Presentation, 45th ISAGA Conference 2014 in Dornbirn/ Austria
  • Karl, Christian K. (2014) Simulation Paradox, Educational Games and Research - Relationships and Opportunities. Presentation at the ABSEL 2014 conference in Orlando, Florida

2013 (1)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2013) Exploring Opportunities in Business Simulations. Presentation at the ABSEL 2013 conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

2012 (3)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2012) CHAMELEON - The International Construction Management Simulation, (Presented in German with the same title), Presentation at the Workshop 2: Virtual mobility and diversity - approaches and projects, Erasmus Regional Conference, University of Duisburg-Essen, Essen
  • Karl, Christian K. (2012) Additional Benefit Through Competency Models. Presentation at the ABSEL 2012 conference in San Diego, California
  • Karl, Christian K. (2012) Competency oriented assesment - Impulse for the undergraduate training in the police service, (Presented in German: Kompetenzorientiertes Prüfen - Impuls für die Bachelor-Ausbildung im Polizeivollzugsdienst), 2. Praxisdialog Bachelorstudiengang Polizeivollzugsdienst, Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW, Gelsenkirchen

2011 (2)

  • Karl, Christian K.; Köster, Anette (2011) Part-time study Civil Engineering (B.Sc.) at the University of Duisburg-Essen (Presented in German: Teilzeitstudium Bauingenieurwesen (B.Sc.) an der Universität Duisburg-Essen), Hochschulen öffnen.  Flexible Studienangebote gestalten. Qualität sichern., HRK, Eventpassage, Berlin 
  • Karl, Christian K. (2011) Construction Management 1 - Presentation of a competency-based assessment model (Presented in German: Baubetrieb 1 - Vorstellung eines kompetenzorientierten Prüfungsmodells), Kompetenzorientiertes Prüfen in den Ingenieurwissenschaften und der Informatik, 4ING & HRK, Bremen

2009 (3)

  • Karl, Christian K. (2009) Promoting competencies through appropriate training methods - The Methods Disc (Presented in German: Kompetenzziele durch geeignete Lehrmethoden fördern - die Methodenscheibe), Kompetenzorientiert Studieren, Lehren und Prüfen, Technische Universität Darmstadt, Darmstadt, Unpublished
  • Karl, Christian K. (2009) Competency-oriented module development (Presented in German: Module kompetenzorientiert entwickeln), Internationale Konferenz Qualitätsdialog Ingenieurausbildung, Stifterverband, HRK & VDI, Bonn
  • Karl, Christian K. (2009) Develop modules - Promote competencies (Presented in German: Module entwickeln - Kompetenzen bilden), Hochschuldidaktiktag 2009, Zentrum für Hochschul- und Qualitätsentwicklung, Duisburg

Internet publications

  • Karl, Christian K.; Musialek, Agnes; Malkwitz, Alexander (2015) ​Professional Profile BIM-Manager - Which competences are needed?, (in German: Das Berufsbild BIM-Manager - Welche Kompetenzen sind gefragt?), momentum MAGAZIN, Ernst & Sohn/ A Wiley Brand, [read online]
  • Karl, Christian K. (2015) Construction in China - An option, yes or no?, (in German: Bauwirtschaft in China – Eine Option, ja oder nein?), momentum MAGAZIN, Ernst & Sohn/ A Wiley Brand, [read online]
  • Karl, Christian K.; Bosbach, Franz (2011) Flexibility of study - Good practice example: The part-time studies in civil engineering, (in German: Flexibilisierung des Studiums - Good Practice-Beispiel: Das Teilzeitstudium Bauingenieurwesen), "Students First" – Blog, Dean of Learning and Teaching, University of DuisburgEssen, Essen
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